Category: immigration law

Jan 14

DHS Publishes Proposed Amendments to EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 and H-1B Visas

The Department of Homeland Security is making proposals that would change some of the regulations that govern the EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 Visas as well as the ever popular H-1B Visa. These amendments would constitute an increase in what these programs have to offer, including a more efficient application process for employers, increased job security assurances …

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Jan 04

Hostility to Immigrants Not as Great as the Media Lead the Public to Believe

It’s true that there seems to be a lot of hostility to immigrants and immigration policy, but there’s more to the story than meets the eye.   In reality many communities are open to immigration and are willing to come out publicly in favor or it. To show their commitment, municipal leaders around the United …

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Jan 04

What Is the American Jobs First Program?

Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Jeff Sessions have cosponsored a bill in the United States Senate, the Americans Jobs First Program, that could radically change the H-1B Visa, the visa employers use to hire foreign workers. It is expected that not only will it entirely reshape the program, it would effectively end the Option Practical …

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Aug 08

Visa Rules Change to Accommodate H1-B Visa Spouses

Everyone has heard of the H1-B visa for those who wish to work in the United States, but there is another “shadow” visa that has until now not received much attention, and that is the H- 4 visa.   The H-4 visa, derisively called the “Golden Cage” visa by its holders, is a family visa …

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Jul 29

Greek Nationals Clamor for More Visas

State Representatives from several states are asking their respective national delegations to increase visa quotas for Greeks trying to escape the financial crisis in their country. The representatives say that there are many young Greeks with useful skills that could be put to use in the United States, and that it is an opportunity for …

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Jul 17

US to Expand Working Permits for F1 Student Visas

The United States is actively trying to recruit students from Asia—Indian in particular–and to sweeten the pot the Obama administration is putting forth new proposals to allow STEM students (science, tech, engineering and math) to work for a six year period after their graduation.   All foreign students who graduate with a degree from a …

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Jul 08

Massive Back Log for Visa Processing

The computer system used by the State Department to track and verify the personal date of visa applicants has been crippled by an otherwise undisclosed technological failure, according to State Department spokesmen on June 17. The system handles all visas, including work, family and travel visas, and it used for printing visa stamps as well. …

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May 31

The Green Card Lottery and You

The Green Card Lottery, now called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program (aka the DV Program) offers up to 50,000 immigrant hopefuls the chance to win residence status in the United States, with special preference for those regions which have lower rates of immigration. The Green Card Lottery is held once a year.   All applications …

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May 01

Visa Scams

With the competition for visas so strong, it’s only a matter of time before the most unethical people prey on the desperate and unknowledgeable. Here are a few things to look out for if you’re applying for one of the many immigration visas offered by the United State. In general stay away from organizations that …

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Apr 15

Business owners and immigration Visas: What You Need to Know

It’s no secret businesses of all sizes are looking for talent abroad; and while there is a lot of demand on the business side, hiring foreign workers is rather burdensome, complicated and expensive. Here is a breakdown of the major employment visas:   The H-1b visa is of course the most popular. Congress has set …

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