Colorado Republicans voice support for immigration reform bill

Almost everyone is in accord that immigration reform is a necessary step in Colorado and the rest of the nation. Of course the question is exactly what kind of reform will it be. Many undocumented aliens are fearful that a Republican victory over the reform (which is appearing less and less likely) will sent them back to their country of origin. There is no need for worry however, as there are already measures in place that will make it difficult if not impossible to have them deported.

There are currently approximately 11 million undocumented aliens in the United States. As one might expect, those undocumented aliens are the most enthusiastic about reform, but there has been considerable opposition by Republicans who have conservative constituencies that would prefer a more modest reform.

Nevertheless it has been revealed that a majority of Republicans want reform as much as everyone else. It would seem that everyone has tired of the politics around the issue, and simply want the matter to be settled. This is great news for the undocumented, because they can count on the day finally see the day where their contributions are “legitimized” by the government.