Greek Nationals Clamor for More Visas

State Representatives from several states are asking their respective national delegations to increase visa quotas for Greeks trying to escape the financial crisis in their country.

The representatives say that there are many young Greeks with useful skills that could be put to use in the United States, and that it is an opportunity for the United States to offer help in a situation in which it is not directly involved.

Being qualified and unable to find work is a critical problem, one that can affect the sufferers work history for the rest of their lives. Not getting crucial experience early in one’s career will mean that one’s economic well-being will be permanently compromised.

Activists pulling for the measure state that U.S.– Greece relations have always been strong, and that the measure will only strengthen those ties. They also point out that the United States provided strong support to Greece in the aftermath of WWII, and that that should be a model for future actions.

Greeks have a reputation for hard work advocates state, and that many IT companies are already interested in doing business with Greek companies. The raise in the quota limit can only facilitate that.