H-1b Visa Filing Deadlines Announced

April 1 is the last day you can file for a H-1b visa for fiscal year 2016, according to the USCIS. A record-breaking number of petitions is expected from employers filing for professional workers, particularly those with expertise in IT and technology. There are so many applications that the USCIS has created a lottery system by which the petitions that arrive the first week are given priority, which makes meeting the deadline all the more crucial. 200,000 petitions are expected to fill a cap of 65,000, with the first 20,000 set aside for those with masters degrees and not counted in the 65,000.


It is important to remember that petition filers should have a job that cannot be practically filled by a current resident of the United States. Most jobs should require an academic degree, though there are exceptions (e.g., marketing, human resources). But the visas are aimed to fill particular needs, not find simply find the most talented person to fill any need. This means that petitions filers should be a specific as possible in the job description when filing and provide an explication as to why the position cannot be filled by United States residents.