Massive Back Log for Visa Processing

The computer system used by the State Department to track and verify the personal date of visa applicants has been crippled by an otherwise undisclosed technological failure, according to State Department spokesmen on June 17.

The system handles all visas, including work, family and travel visas, and it used for printing visa stamps as well.

The department has revealed that over 100 experts have been employed to deal with the issue, and that all steps possible to solve it have been implemented.

The effect of the failure has had a widespread effect, especially on the agricultural sector, which has a definite time frame in which it can harvest crops. It has been estimated that thousands of agricultural workers have been prohibited from entering the U.S. because of the system failure.

Other companies have had to recall or cancel employees’ vacations and other business travel, and employee start dates have had to be delayed, creating further problems related to making adjustments to those visas.