New bill will create state specific Dreamer Act

There has been some foot dragging on offering in-state tuition to American offspring born to undocumented aliens. A new bill introduced by Colorado representative Jared Polis called the Investing IN States to Achieve Tuition Equity (IN-STATE) has been introduced to provide $3/4 billion in student aid to states that establish tuition rates for undocumented children that are in line with citizen’s tuition rates. The aid man in some cases be awarded directly by the government.

To apply for the program, prospective students must have attended a Colorodo high school for 3 years or more, or completed the Colorado administered GED, and they must show that they have been accepted to a university in Colorado within one year of graduating. If the applicant cannot demonstrate the above criteria, they must present evidence that they have lived in Colorado for the previous 18 months. All applicants must also have at least applied for legal presence, or produce an affidavit that the will be doing so in the near future.

The measure has broad support from a host of organizations including labor groups, immigration activists, teachers unions and other educational groups, and a host of others. The bill also has support of Hispanic groups and legislators who have come to the United States as a children.