The Rising tide against GOP stubbornness over immigration reform

More and more these days, the Republican Party finds itself isolated from the mainstream of popular opinion over immigration reform. Several polls recently show that 70% of voters favor the legislation reform bill that was presented to the Senate during the summer, and the same percentage favor a fast and efficient naturalization process for current undocumented immigrants. It would appear that the Republican Party is losing this battle. between 65% and 70% say they disapprove the the party, even as Obama’s popularity has increased.

But this has not altered the GOP’s stance much. Since the Democratic Party introduced legislation into the House that was similar to the one passed in the Senate, Speaker of the House John Boehner insists that he would not allow the bill onto the floor unless it’s approved by the majority of his caucus, even as he insists that immigration reform is a GOP “priorithy”. Activists have mounted grassroots efforts in Republican districts all over the US to nudge the GOP into support.

The best choice the Republican Party could make now is to put their heads together with the Democrats and agree to some reform, even if it’s in a diluted form.