Visa Scams

With the competition for visas so strong, it’s only a matter of time before the most unethical people prey on the desperate and unknowledgeable. Here are a few things to look out for if you’re applying for one of the many immigration visas offered by the United State.

In general stay away from organizations that offer to “assist” visa hopefuls with their visa application. These assisters tell the applicant that there are fees for filing etc., though no such fees exist, and sometimes try to even charge applicants for the forms. If you are going to spend money to be helped filing an application, hire a reputable immigration attorney.


Be cautious about any site that does not have a .gov at the end of their URL. A .gov indicates that the site is an official site of the United States government, and that it will always have to latest and most accurate information. This is not the say that there are not many sites that provide good services and information, but whatever they offer should be compared with the “official” version.


Be careful about “official” information in an email. Legitimate emails will always come from a .gov URL, but note that some email addresses can be spoofed. Note also that the US government does not notify applicants of their visa acceptance via email. Applicants should always check to see if they have won a visa lottery on the US government website.


Finally, never file an application with or provide personal information to a site URL that does not end in .gov. This is a way that scammers use your personal information for fraud.