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Immigration reform: who will take the initiative?

It is widely admitted that immigration reform is necessary and overdue. The question is who will take the initiative? The people asking this question are those most hurt by the current system: those who fear they will be deported and have their families rent asunder. The system simply doesn’t work they say, and cite long …

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Initiative to allow spouses of HB-1 visas holders to receive work permits in the United States

One of the most painful aspects of working as an expat is being separated from one’s spouse. But there is good news for HB-1 visa holders: a new initiative by the Department of Homeland Security will allow spouses of those visa holders to receive work permits. Advocates of the plan say that it will make …

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Congress reining in family-based visas in favor or work based visa.

It’s been a common practice for decades that when one immigrant family member gets residency, he or she petitions for other family members to join him. In fact, tens of thousands of these petitions are filed each year. But there are been a push to cap these petitions so that the demand for works visas …

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