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Temporary Visas

Visitor Visas(B)

Many times a person or family member wants to visit from another country or extend his/her visit while here in the United States.  Our office can assist you with the application process for a Visitor’s Visa.

Student / Exchange Visitor Visas

Student (F): The F Nonimmigrant Student Visa is a type of visa utilized by foreign students who want to pursue education in the United States. Exchange Visitors (J):  For foreign nationals who want to acquire certain knowledge and skills, the J Nonimmigrant Exchange Visitor Visa is a good alternative to the F Student Visa for …

Employment-based Visas

Nonimmigrant visas are available each year for those workers who seek to temporarily work in the United States.  If a worker has the right combination of education, skills and/or work experience, that person may be able to obtain a Nonimmigrant visa for employment-based purposes.  Most applications require a U.S. employer sponsor.  Please contact our office …